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[单选题]All that can be done().

  Ahave been done

  Bhave done

  Chas been done

  Dhas done


  [单选题]Only by diligence and honesty ()

  Acan one succeed in life

  Bone can sucqeeded in life

  Cone will be succeeded in life

  Dcan one be succeeded in life


  [单选题]George and Margaret and their children 21 at 140 Davis Street, 22 the street from a small park. Their house is just off the main road. George usually goes to work by bus, but sometimes he goes 23 his car. The children usually go to school by bus.

  The Glenns’house is24 hidden among the trees. It has small bushes (灌木) planted around it. There is a fence25it and the house next door. It is a two-storey house,26the living room, dining room and kitchen (厨房) on the first floor, and the bedrooms and bathroom on the second floor.

  The Glenns spend a lot of time at home. 27now they are at dinner. Conversation (谈话) at the Glenns’house is usually lively at meal time. The children are discussing trips they would like to take. Susan ,who has never28on a plane ,says," I’d like to29a plane to California. "Henry, who is elder ,thinks it would be fun to be on a30 ,heading for adventure ( 冒险) in Africa. Teddy, the youngest child, says, "I want to go around the world on a train. " His elder brother and sister are still trying to31to him why this is not possible32 their mother says, “Children,you’ve spent too much time at the table. Henry and Susan, go and33your homework. Teddy, it’s time you were in bed. "

  Soon there is silence throughout the34. Teddy is in bed, Susan and Henry are in their rooms studying, and Mr. and Mrs. Glenns are in their living room,35George is sitting in his favorite(最喜欢的) chair ,reading the paper and Margaret is sitting on the sofa ,doing some sewing.






  [单选题]A Shelter for the Homeless Last summer I was a volunteer(志愿者)at a shelter for the homeless,a place for homeless people to sleep at night.I wasn't working that summer and was__21__only two classes in summer school,so I had some__22__time.

  Three nights a week,I__23__in the kitchen of the shelter along with four other volunteers.We planned and cooked for 45 people hot meals__24__vegetables,chicken,fish and fruit.The homeless people needed this good food because many of them usually didn't eat well.

  I__25__this volunteer work,making__26__with the four volunteers in the kitchen.One was a very nice elderly housewife,one a movie actor,another a young teacher,and the other a college student,__27__me.

  I talked to a lot of the homeless people at the shelter.Their life stories__28__me with sympathy(同情).Some of them had problems with alcohol(酒精)or drugs while others only had bad__29__.One woman worked for almost 30 years for a small company,and then she lost her job.She looked for a__30__job,but couldn't find one,for she was too__31__.She could do nothing but sell her furniture—sofas,chairs,and tables__32__she could pay for her food.The woman luck on job hunting,but she__33__couldn't find one.She had no money for her__34__and had to sleep in her car.Then she had to sell her car.Alone,afraid and__35__,she finally came to the shelter.







  [单选题]The famous director of a big and expensive movie planned to film a beautiful sunset over the ocean,so that the audience could see his hero and heroine(男女英雄)in front of it at the end of the film as they said goodbye to each other forever.He sent his camera crew(摄制组)out one evening to film the sunset for him.

  The next morning he said to the men,“Have you provided me with that sunset?”

  “No,sir,”the man answered.

  The director was angry.“Why not?”he asked.

  “Well,sir,”one of the men answered,“we're on the east coast here,and the sun sets in the west.We can get you a sunrise over the sea,if necessary,but not a sunset.”

  “But I want a sunset!”the director shouted.“Go to the airport,take the next flight to the west coast,and get one.”

  But then a young secretary had an idea.“Why don't you photograph a sunrise,”she suggested,“and then play it backwards?Then it'll look like a sunset.”

  “That's a good idea!”the director said.Then he turned to the camera crew and said,“Tomorrow morning I want you to get me a beautiful sunrise over the sea.”

  The camera crew went out early the next morning and filmed a bright sunrise over the beach in the middle of a beautiful bay(海湾).Then at nine o'clock they took it to the director.“Here it is,sir,”they said,and gave it to him.He was very pleased.

  They all went into the studio.“All right,”the director explained,“now our hero and heroine are going to say goodbye.Run the film backwards so that we can see the ’sunset’ behind them.”

  The“sunset”began,but after a quarter of minute,the director suddenly put his face in his hands and shouted to the camera to stop.

  The birds in the film were flying backwards,and the waves on the sea were going away from the beach.

  Why did the director want to send his crew to the west coast?

  ABecause he changed his mind about getting a sunset

  BBecause he was angry with his crew

  CBecause it was his secretary's suggestion

  DBecause he wanted to get a scene of sunset


  [单选题]A bar(酒吧)owner locked up the door of his bar at two a.m.and went home to sleep.He had been in bed only a few minutes when the phone rang.“What time do you open up in the morning?”he heard an obviously drunken man(醉汉)ask.

  The owner was so angry that he put down the receiver and went back to bed.A few minutes later there was another call and he heard the same voice ask the same question.“Listen”,the owner shouted.“There is no sense in asking about what time I open because I wouldn't let a person in your condition in...”

  “I don't want to get in,”the caller interrupted(打断),“I want to get out.”

  The caller made two phone calls to the bar owner was().

  Aat a phone box(电话亭)

  Binside the bar

  Cat home

  Din a hotel




  The water we drink and use is running short in the world .we all have to learn how to stop wasting our limited(有限的) water. One of the steps we should take is to find ways of reusing it . Experiments have already been done in this field.

  Today in most large cities ,fresh water is used only once ,then it runs into waste system . But it is possible to pipe the used water to purifying factory. There it can be filtered and treated with chemicals so that it can be used again ,just as it were fresh from a spring(喷泉).

  But even if every large purified(净纯) and reused its water, we still would not have enough. Then we could turn to the ocean. All we’d have to do to make use of the seawater on earth is to get rid of (去掉)the salt. This process(过程)is called desalinization ,(脱盐)and it is already in use in many parts of the world.

  The best title (标题) for the passage is“ ”

  AHow to Reuse Water

  BTwo Solutions(解决办法)to the Problem of Water shortage(短缺)

  CStop Wasting Our Limited Water

  DHow to Make Use of Seawater




  ( L = Lucy; S = Sir)

  L :Excuse me, sir. 51 the Art Exhibition Centre?

  S : Yes, but it is quite far. It' s about an hour' s walk. You can take a bus the~

  L: 52 ?

  S:You can take B.us No. 15.

  L: 53 ?

  S:About 20 minutes. And you can also take a taxi.

  L:Taxi? That' s a good idea. Thank you very much.

  S: 54

  L: Goodbye.

  S: 55



  You‘ re welcome


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